Heart crap

This post was written in early july… so there is more to the story now, but I just have not had time to sit down and process it all

Some of you may have heard…

Some of you may not have heard…

I have had a heart attack. Or so they think… or maybe they don’t. (more on that later)

For the past several months I have been dealing with chest pain, at times mild like I drank no name brand cola and went for a jog. Other times like my chest was being stood on,  by someone rather portly. On June 13th, the portly person standing on my chest had put on another few hundred pounds and was now wearing High Heeled shoes!

Here is the time line… for those who like timelines!

10:00pm I mention to my wife that I am having mild chest pain… took a zantac and she went to bed.

11:00pm feels like a tight band around my chest, no worries,  get a drink of water

12:30 I am starting to worry, feels like a fat guy is standing on my chest!

1:30 fat guy put on a nice pair of pumps and is trying to balance on one heel!

1:45 I google “Am I having a heart attack” on my iphone (see now its doesn’t seem so unnecessary!)

1:46 I determine it is time to go to the hospital, I wake leah

1:47 Leah does three laps of the room, I am pretty sure she is still asleep!

2:00 we arrive at hospital and I describe symptoms

2:05 I am hooked up to what seems like every concevable machine in the ER, and get a spray of Nitro!

Aside: I got a spray of nitro, and was thouroughly dissappointed with it. I was not able to run fast, at no point in time could I pass others at will, and no fire came out of my exhaust… I feel those of us who played video games as kids have been terribly misled as to the effects of nitro!!!!

2:15 I am told my ECG is very serious! and everything becomes on blur of beeps, boops, pokes, and “how do you feel now’s”

4:00 the doctors says the following “You have had a heart attack, maybe this isn’t one tonight, but You have had one, and I think you are stable enough that you won’t have another tonight!… I am on the phone with the Cardiologist in Kingston, you will probably be there by 6am… Who brought you?”

I let him know my wife did, and she is probably doing laps in the parking lot with my son… he tips his head and says… “she’ll be right in!”

4:05 Leah enters the room, looks freaked and cracks this joke to break the silence. “so… how close was I to being debt free?” I laugh, she laughs and from that point we discuss the what next’s…

Time line end!

Monday morning I was told I would be to Kingston Tuesday, Monday afternoon I was told I would be to Kingston Wednesday, Tuesday morning I was told I was go to Kingston Friday, not by ambulance, but on my own (with leah driving)

I arrive in Kingston Friday morning, the drive down was great, we listened to the audio book of Jon Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like (go to a bookstore and buy it). We laughed and had a good chat about it… I felt great.

The nurses and doctors in Cardiac Care were all nice, and to a person said “you’re too young to be here”.

That whole stay is another post, probably co-written by Leah.

The results of that were… “Your arteries are clearer than they should be for a man of your age!”

Which means two things; first, my heart problems are not artery related. And two, my love of mayo is off the hook!!

Now for my take…

Monday at about 5 am, my Mom made something like the following her facebook status “Jim is on his way to Kingston hospital – heart – please pray”. (She thought that was descrete and that no one would really know what was going on… The only way they could have thought anything differnt, is if they thought she meant that she loves kingston hospital, and to pray for her jealousy!) By 6am I was stabilized and my ecg’s and blood work were normal. I received easily over 50 messages from people world wide telling me they were praying.

Take from that what you will… I have a whole other post started to explain what further tests have shown…


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