Blog Name Change

You may have noticed I changed the name of my blog…

The explanation is this, I hate the word “random” with every part of my being.

I hate its misuse, its trendiness, and overall I have grown to feel about it, the way Hitler felt about the Jews, or the way Most Christians feel about Gays.  (which are eerily similar, as was pointed out to me today)

“She’s So RANDOM!!!!!”


She’s not

She stood in front of her full length mirror perfecting that move, with voice inflection for 3 hours… and probably in multiple outfits to make sure it would work.

“What a RANDOM thing to say”

Really, you honestly think he didn’t memorize that movie  line to make sure he nailed it when the chance came!!

Come on people… I have met very few “Random” people in my life… but have met many “contrived, desperate for attention, trend hogs”

You know the difference this way:

Random; without definite aim, purpose, method, or adherence to a prior arrangement; in a haphazard way:Contestants were chosen at random from the studio audience. (from

Contrived, desperate for attention, trend hogs; One whose aim, purpose,method, is to adhere to a prior funny event by trying to remind others of it in the most calculated way. Eugene quoted family guy in the most Random way. (from the brain of Jimmy Forde)

Random Thoughts From a Wandering Mind, when I came up with the title, seemed to apply. I wrote about whatever came into my head. Now, I am more intentional with what I write, thus it was time for the Random to go…

I don’t think you will care, nor will it change what I write about… but it had been bugging me!


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3 Responses to Blog Name Change

  1. Ken says:

    Stepping Stone Thoughts from a Wandering Mind.

    (in the hopes that others will benefit from your insights and experience, comments,
    frustrations and “hey look at this, you need to!” stories)

    or something along that line…can’t just be THOUGHTS…sounds too academic.

    Found another interesting blog–
    (Not always the best language, but definitely interesting)

  2. kylah says:

    hahaha “crap fell out of my head” hahaha

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