Like I was dipped in milk and rolled in flower!

I am white… painfully white. To say that my rhythm is suspect, is like saying that Ron Hextall had some small self control issues!

But I love Rap… LOVE it.. Can’t dance to it, can’t even really keep up to it… but I love it. I don’t dress the look, for the most part, I don’t think I really have a look. Well I guess “whatever I put on” is a look.

So I tend to identify with musicians whose music, doesn’t have to be defined by their fashion. This morning I followed a link off of Crackbook and found my way to Shad K’s new video (below).

HISTORY: a few years back Shad played at Joy Camp showed up, and blew the place apart. He was funny, fresh, and did an amazing job of using small bits of info he got from the intro, to make his show unique and feel like he had been at camp all week! (even mentioned Reg Lewicki’s missing Corn Pops!). He even gave me a free CD for the drop in centre I run. I was instantly a fan (not because of the free CD, because of his connection with the kids).

I don’t know if you like this style of music, but this is a Canadian kid, who is a positive influence in the music industry, and seems to have found a balance between his faith and art… without putting out crap!If you or your kids like rap, hip hop, or just good music with a beat… pick up his new album when it is released. Follow his blog here

here is his video for the new single… enjoy!

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