Awesome Man Thursday…

I know this week has seen reposts and nothing really “original” for my blog…

But I am fired up this week, and so are others. I had no idea these posts were going to occur on Anne Jackson’s blog….

Please Go read them… She is writing about Moldova, but this happens in Canada, the US and most every country in the world…

So in honour of Awesome Man Thursday, before I post the excerpts and links, I will again Challenge… If you are a man, Do Something to END THIS… if you are a woman, take a young girl under your wing so this is not even a possibility in her world!!!

First post…

As we sat in a rather large orphanage yesterday, I couldn’t help but stare at each girl. They varied in age from maybe five or six to teenagers, and I knew the teenagers would be soon sent out on their own to fend for themselves. Some may find a transitional home which will help educate them, put them through tenth-twelfth grade (or beyond) and keep them safe. But there would be some who would simply disappear.

Second Post…

It was surreal. We were standing in the middle of trafficking deals going down all around us and at the same time, families sat at the patio eating brunch. Maybe some of them knew, maybe not.

This this doesnt occur in Canada?

Hope for the Sold

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