Are you man enough to think like a 12 year old girl…

Repost from a post i wrote for

I had a large post mostly written…

I went for a drive to get coffee, saw a kid… post deleted, new post written.

You’re 12, a girl, everything in your world should be about having crushes and finishing grade 6.

But, Moms boyfriend has been “accidently” walking in on your showers. Leaving his door open when he changes, and buying you clothes that won’t fit  a barbie, and look like they belong in a trashy video. A few nights ago, he got drunk and came into your room “by mistake”… and didn’t leave for a while.

You have to get out, Mom already calls you a slut. She will be really pissed if she finds out. You call your 16 year old boyfriend, and ask if you can stay with his family. His mom says sure, you can stay in his room. She works evenings, and he has been drinking and tweaking all day.

Where do you go? What do you do?

Now, I understand this is posted in No Girls Allowed.  So here is my challenge guys… do you know where these girls are? Could you find them help? Can you be the one that helps restore their faith in men again? Will you help them see the kingdom?

Because this girl is in your town. I live in a town of 4500, and there are dozens ofher here. I hear countless stories of girls  being raped screwing for a bed to sleep in… and they are condemned for their “choices”. Time after time they are passed around, fed whatever substance helps them forget, then left.

Men, its time to step up and put and end to this shit… Its time to get angry that our daughters, sisters and future wives are being treated like objects. We may not be the ones who are perpetrating these atrocities, but by not standing in the way and saying ENOUGH, WE let them occur.

This post may not have lots of scripture, or new ideas about God… But this the kind of thing, I imagine in reading about Him, that would fire Jesus up.

He told us we have to become like little Children to enter his Kingdom. To me that means he put a high value on the innocence and trust a child has. Do you have the onions to help protect it?

Your town will have resources, drop in centres, womens centres, Christians who care… ask them how you can help… they are waiting for you because they can’t do it alone!

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