It’s Awesome Man Thursday!

Thursday, I had coffee with someone I really respect… ah what the hell, I love this guy. We talked for close to 3 hours. Talked is too light a word. He discipled me.

He showed me parts of myself, that in I knew existed, but had allowed to be secondary. He challenged me to be better.

He did all of this, with out offending me, without slamming me, without any hurt. He spoke truth and love into my life and quite simply asked for more.

He didn’t try to fix me, didn’t try to make me think like him. Gave me positives, and things to work on… and I was refreshed…

So in the theme of Awesome Men today, find one like him, and let him speak truth into you.

*disclaimer… The things he told me were ones my wife has been telling me for a while, and for the record have started to work on through her encouragement… but that he did talk to me about it meant a lot, cause he could survive without me changing, she couldn’t!!!

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4 Responses to It’s Awesome Man Thursday!

  1. Leah Joy says:

    and for that reason I love and respect this man…
    It takes a village to raise a child but when that child becomes a man it takes that village to instruct and guide…
    and a man’s wife can’t change him but maybe his friends can… haha!

  2. Bubba aka Ken Arnou says:

    I may not be able to Facebook at work, but I can still read blogs!

    Good stuff. I’ll be readin’ and commentin’ when so inclined.

    Will drop in to the Switchyard when in town again.

    Cheers buddy,


  3. kylah says:

    can’t figure out how to follow this blog??

    • James says:

      I added a subscription button on the right side under the calendar… or you could follow me on twitter, @thejimmyforde because I am a popularity whore!

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