My Wife

I have a wife.

She is super talented. Gorgeous. Fun. Super hard-working.

I work weird hours, have been fairly stressed over the past few months, and have generally been a less than spectacular husband. I try, well I think I try sometimes. But really I tend to, more often than not, play the role of “tired husband”.

But you see, I work less than her. She runs our store, does tonnes with our son, and seems in the middle of all of that to keep our house from looking like we stage regular cock fights.

I promised this morning to try harder. To help her in the areas she asks, and needs.

I think this time there is something different about my promise. It didn’t feel like it was what she wanted to hear, it really was how I felt. I took a few minutes this morning and fed our boy while she showered… we had a blast. I got him dressed and ready… we had a blast. I think now that he is becoming such a little boy (he’s one) we are developing more and more a father son bond. I love it. The exciting thing is, for my wife, that will take a lot off of her plate. As a baby, I really struggled to figure out how to work him. I could do some things with him but in general; she was cleaner, more efficient, and generally better at pretty much everything. But now I really get him… and things are changing. Well except for the poopie diapers, I still throw up at those.

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One Response to My Wife

  1. Leah Joy says:

    I think it’s interesting that the tag words are also descriptive of me:
    awesome diapers poop wife
    General terms used when describing me to others.
    Thanks 😉

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