So, I have an iPhone, well there is an iphone with my phone number activated to it… and it is for me, but it lives 2.5 hrs away.

Why do I Jimmy Forde need an iPhone, you ask!

I don’t, in fact my little prepaid virgin mobile flip phone was adequate. But you see, I am human. Mostly (in my head i still think i have  a shot at being the next bionic man).  And that humanness means I attach much of my self worth to what others think of me. I hate that I do it,  I work with youth who do the same and seeing it in them puts me in tears, yet here I am the same.

I have justified and rationalized and even philosophized about this decision; it will be easier to communicate with the youth I work with, it will allow me to blog more (huh?) it will give me the freedom to be on the street more and at my desk less. or maybe it will finally make me cool.

I firmly believe that I am a big part of the problem that the kids I work with face. While I don’t think it is wrong to want something nice, and to be able to use that for kingdom purposes, when we attach our identity to those things, we start to suck something awful.  God tells us that our value, is not attached to anything other than who we are. That his desperate love for us, means we are treasures. Our society tells us our value is assigned to what we must have; iphone, nice car, bitchen shoes, big boobs (or pecks for guys), small waist, and the trendiest blog layout. But that is not who, all that stuff is just what… And to show the solution to the problems that face our society, we need to stop with all the what, and work on learning the who!

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