Why I call my son Ti (tee)

Many people ask why we call James, Ti, TiJa (teejay) or Ti James. We knew he was going to be a boy (he made that VERY clear in his ultrasound) and had tossed names around for a bit, but settled on James Wesley Forde III in honour of my father.
For those who don’t know, my birth father James Wesley Forde “Wes” passed away 7 days before I was born. I was given his name, and alway felt it was something to live up to. I always felt his was a name I would like to pass on, and it sounds pretty regal when you say it… go ahead, say it out loud, “James Wesley Forde” felt good didn’t it…I digress
As you can imagine, naming your child is something that requires a little bit of input from the mother of your child. I asked Leah if she like the name and she did, only she didn’t want him to be Jim, cause that is me. And she felt like he shouldn’t be Wes, due to the fact that she is not a huge fan of calling people by their middle name, it causes much school confusion.
We settled on the name, but tried to come up with a short form, I hate the name Jamie for a guy and we were leaning towards Jack.
In november of 08 I went to back to haiti. With our friends there quite excited that I was having a baby, and with out knowing it was a boy, they began to ask if i was excited for my “Ti James to come”. In creole affixing “Ti” to the beginning of a name, means little… Little James.From that moment on while there, our baby was Ti-James.. when I came home I told leah about it we liked it, but we still liked Jack.
Moments after James was born, the nurse asked if he had a name, Leah deferred to me as getting to name my son has always been a dream, I responded “Ya, He’s James Wesley Forde III.”
After looking at the squiggly little thing for a bit, he just did not look like a jack… Leah looked at him, and said “he is a little james, he kind of IS Ti-James”
And it stuck… some don’t like it, some think its weird that we basically let our Haitian friends give our son his nickname… but if you have been to Haiti, or know some hard core Haitians you know there is no one better to give out a nick name!

so thats the story, and I honestly don’t really care if you like the name or not… We love it!

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2 Responses to Why I call my son Ti (tee)

  1. kylah says:

    I like to call him Ti-Man (if that’s ok) but M was calling him Ti-Dot hmm?

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